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Who We Are

About US

At KENZ Dental & Orthodontic Centre, we believe in changing people’s lives – through their smile. We put special emphasis on prevention of oral disease and maintenance of healthy teeth and gums - a prerequisite for a natural confident smile.

Therefore, we seek to offer you a wide range of Clinical Dentistry that utilizes state-of-the-art dental equipment and facilities for a most advanced dental care experience.A complete solution that is comprehensive, comfortable, cost-effective and personalized. Indeed, it is our sole aim to provide you with a thorough orthodontic care and an improved oral health and hygiene.

Based in the Sultanate of Oman,KENZ Dental & Orthodontic Centreis renowned in the society and referred to as a family clinic catering to patients of all ages and from diverse cultures. We deliver specialized treatment in different branches of Dentistry in a sterile and aseptic environment.

It is our goal to help you feel and look your best through quality Dental Care. Our personalized approach offers you with access to our Dental experts and thus help plan the best course of treatment for you.

All said and done, at KENZ Dental & Orthodontic Centre, it is our ardent striving tomake you feel confident with a healthier set of teeth. All these and more quality services in an environment that is courteous, comfortable and pleasant.

Quality Policy

KENZ Dental & Orthodontic Centre is committed to render quality services by continually upgrading its skills, resources and treatment techniques in order to provide result-oriented and pain-free dental care to its patients.

Quality Objectives

* To deliver pain-free dental care to our patients, analyzed as per the patient's recorded feedback.
* To ensure the use of 100% sterilized instruments or disposables while treating the patients in the clinic.
* To continually improve the number of satisfied patients.