We are proud to have a reputation of 15 years of successful Dental Service in Oman with complete patient satisfaction
Dr. Abdul Rahman and Dr. AsyaNaseem, the couple duo, have been in Oman for the last 15 years and serving the country with a team of eight dental doctors at Ahmed Dental Centre in Mawaleh . KENZ Dental Centre, being a new concept clinic has specialized divisions in dental surgery and staff, with specialized accreditation in dentistry. The presence of Dr. Abdul Rahman and Dr. AsyaNaseem in the professional team of doctors ensures that highest standards of hygiene and sterilization is maintained, without compromising on beneficial plan packages of its patients.

We have doctors experienced in treating patients from across all nationalities and all sectors.
We have Multi lingual staff of doctors , assistants and front desk personnel speaking English , Arabic, Hindi, Malayalam, Kannada, Tagalog.
We have doctors who have undergone specialization in Prosthodontics, Endodontics, Orthodontics and Oral Medicine & Radiology.
We also have doctors who have undergone extensive training in IMPLANTOLOGY from “University of Buffalo” USA.