What causes gum disease?

Prevention is the number one way to achieve excellent oral health. Para functional habits are recognized as a major etiological factor for the development of dental malocclusion. When left unaddressed, these habits can have a negative effect on the alignment of your child’s teeth. Malocclusion, or a misaligned bite, can create dental problems, jaw pain, headaches, and cosmetic issues that may take years to correct. Thumb sucking and tongue thrusting are the most commonly seen oral habits. The line of treatment for these habits includes removal of the etiology, retraining exercises and use of mechanical restraining appliances .

Habit breaking appliances

are specific, custom fabricated appliances which may be removable or fixed and are mostly worn inside the mouth to help a child to discontinue a detrimental thumb or finger sucking habit or to improve a bad tongue posture which may cause undesirable teeth position and affect growth of facial bones.
These appliances are worn until the child completely stops a particular habit. Some removable appliances should be used all the time except for eating food and brushing teeth, others can be used only few hours per day as instructed by the orthodontist.
Patient compliance is another problem associated with removable habit breaking appliances, Hence, habit breaking appliances which can be used along with fixed orthodontic appliances will be of great advantage.
It can act as a device for retraining the associated musculature, a mechanical restrainer and a reminder to discontinue the habit. This appliance gives the flexibility to be used along with the fixed appliance which increases its efficiency as well as reduces the appliance wear time.

Different appliances

Tongue crib appliances (removable)

Habit Loops can be added to any removable appliance. This appliance acts as a reminder to help break the habit with cooperative patients. It is a great option for patients to wear while they sleep to break a Tongue or Thumb/Finger Habit

Tongue crib appliances (fixed)

Used for: Thumb/Finger Sucking and/or Tongue Thrusting. Thumb/Finger Sucking: More aggressive than the removable one. It blocks the thumb/finger, so the patient can’t suck them. Tongue Thrust: The crib acts as a barrier to prevent the tongue from thrusting forward and help guide it into the palate where it belongs.

Lip bumper

Lower Appliance to prevent the patient from sucking or biting their lower lip. Keeping the lip off the lower anteriors will allow them to flare forward naturally. The lip bumper is removable but can be tied in place if it needs to be fixed.

Oral screen

Oral Screens stop habits such as thumb, finger, and lip sucking; tongue thrusting, habitual mouth breathing, and use of pacifiers.